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9am Monday the 31st of July 2017, a firm of ground clearance specialists from Skipton arrive on site and start the process of clearing the site in preparation for when the builders arrive. They start with the removal of the Belgrave Terrace street sign and then proceed to take down the wall and it’s metal railings that have stood for there for the last 150 years.

002_Work_Begins_To_Level_The Site_Belgrave_Terrace_31.07.17_1.JPG

Brick by brick the wall is dismantled and the bricks are stacked onto a palette in the garden for use no doubt at a later stage. Slowly the foundations to the driveway are removed with the assistance of small digger that very quickly tears up the garden as well. It is a shame to see this once very familiar driveway being torn down. At this stage in the process the contractors are being very respectful of the need of the neighbourhood. This however is only the start of the process and I can see, as many more stakeholders get involved, it to become quite a tricky building plot for us to live around over the next 6 months or so …


Sowerby, North Yorkshire

Sowerby is a suburb of Thirsk and is positioned in the northern half of North Yorkshire on the flood plains of Cod Beck. It sits on the A19 trunk road at the junction with the A61 to the west and Ripon. Northallerton lies 10 miles to the north along the A168 and York is 25 miles to the south east along the A19. Thirsk has a station on the main east coast railway line.

A Conservation Area is defined as an 'area of special architectural or historic interest the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve and enhance'. The purpose of a Conservation Area is to protect wider landscapes of quality and the local distinctiveness of areas valued for their visual characteristics and historic associations