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Partly due to Sowerby Parish Council not upholding the conservation status that Belgrave Terrace now has - and partly because of the individual needs of some residents to hide behind their hedgerows/trellis fences, this the once majestic open plan garden is now unrecognizable. So much so that we recently received an email from a former resident of ...

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So after 150 years of standing proudly at the Topcliffe Road end of the footpath that links all 15 houses that form Belgrave Terrace, the last of the sandstone pillars has finally fallen. The porous nature of sandstone combined with the corrosive qualities of the ironwork that links the sections of the pillar together have meant that the pillar has ...

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To the owners of the Jack Russel that was wandering aimlessly down Belgrave Terrace this afternoon, we took him to the Skeldale Veterinary Centre, York Rd, Thirsk YO7 3BT. As he wasn't chipped the decision was made to leave him there as we were unable to identify his owner.

Lovely natured dog, slightly grey around the muzzle, kamikaze tendencies ...

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So it would appear that in the covenant there is a mention that all works to the garden gates and adjoining footpath are the responsibility of the home owners. A very interesting read :

"That all the before mentioned ways gates of entrance from the said Sowerby and Topcliffe roads respectively with pumps tanks drains and all cisterns ...

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Due in part to the the salt which over the years has been thrown down onto Topcliffe Road during winter time, the sandstone pillar that forms part of the entrance to Belgrave Terrace gardens is becoming something of liability ( see supporting photographs ).

If not attended to soon then there is the worry that this stone pillar might fall ...

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Sitting in the council chambers listening to the councillors discuss the merits as to why the owners of 3 Belgrave Terrace should be awarded planning permissions to turn their garden into a building site I distinctly remember Councillor Peter Barden putting forward the argument that because the existing gardens were not being maintained, the creation ...

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Could the owner of a grey Fiat Punto registration plate ST07 CCK please refrain from parking on the Topcliffe Road pavement. Despite there being a number of available car parking spaces available on the other side of the Sowerby Road ( see photo ) you are in breach of the highway code and as such a number of residents, families with pushchairs, elderly ...

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9am Monday the 31st of July 2017, a firm of ground clearance specialists from Skipton arrive on site and start the process of clearing the site in preparation for when the builders arrive. They start with the removal of the Belgrave Terrace street sign and then proceed to take down the wall and it’s metal railings that have stood for there for the ...

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The owners of 3 Belgrave Terrace after not finding a buyer when the Belgrave plot went to auction with Hunters estate agency finally sell, but only after dropping the price to offers over £165,000. Shortly after the sale a women is seen wondering up and down the street looking for builders recommendations.

So despite all the objections as ...

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On the 12th of March 2014 despite numerous objections for the erection of a fence in order to section up the gardens of No 3 Belgrave Terrace - Hambleton District council granted permission for owners/occupiers to go ahead. The resulting trellis fence is untidy, cheap and out of character to the gardens and is in breach of a historic covenant that ...


Trying to keep you up to date with planning, garden etiquette, public access and the maintainance of the street that serves all 15 houses that make up Belgrave Terrace.



Sowerby, North Yorkshire

Sowerby is a suburb of Thirsk and is positioned in the northern half of North Yorkshire on the flood plains of Cod Beck. It sits on the A19 trunk road at the junction with the A61 to the west and Ripon. Northallerton lies 10 miles to the north along the A168 and York is 25 miles to the south east along the A19. Thirsk has a station on the main east coast railway line.

A Conservation Area is defined as an 'area of special architectural or historic interest the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve and enhance'. The purpose of a Conservation Area is to protect wider landscapes of quality and the local distinctiveness of areas valued for their visual characteristics and historic associations