The application proposes to demolish the double garage and replace this with two, four-bedroom units with associated car parking and garden space. The proposal would include a centralised rear wing to serve the two properties. A total of four car parking spaces would be provided as part of the development, one each for the new dwellings and two replacement spaces for number 3


Only 1 letter of support has been received from a local resident, commenting that :

  • It will be good to see the terrace completed as originally intended
  • With time the proposal would blend with the rest of the row
  • The extensions to the rear are double height but there are already two properties on the row which have this feature
  • Pedestrian safety should be no more of an issue than existing and the additional risk posed by the new properties is at worst marginal
  • Housing shortages makes sense to build as many new properties as possible

13 letters of objection have been received from local residents commenting that :

  • The proposal will harm the character of the conservation Area and the Terrace
  • It would make the Conservation Area pointless
  • It would set a precedent for more development and infilling of gaps in terraces
  • No housing need – Sowerby Gateway will provide a large amount of new housing
  • Concerns about pedestrian safety

Letters Of Objection continued …

  • Loss of uniformity of the terrace The development would not be in keeping
  • The boundary treatment would be inappropriate
  • Harmful impact on amenity through loss of light
  • Loss of view
  • Parking problems on the Terrace would be exacerbated
  • The development would adversely affect highway safety on Topcliffe Road or Sowerby Road
  • Concerns about blocking of road

Sowerby, North Yorkshire

Sowerby is a suburb of Thirsk and is positioned in the northern half of North Yorkshire on the flood plains of Cod Beck. It sits on the A19 trunk road at the junction with the A61 to the west and Ripon. Northallerton lies 10 miles to the north along the A168 and York is 25 miles to the south east along the A19. Thirsk has a station on the main east coast railway line.

A Conservation Area is defined as an 'area of special architectural or historic interest the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve and enhance'. The purpose of a Conservation Area is to protect wider landscapes of quality and the local distinctiveness of areas valued for their visual characteristics and historic associations